Review is Unapproved Internet Pharmacy. Pharmacy has been given a low reliability rating by other websites. When assessing the compliance of a certain pharmacy to the generally accepted standards, we take into accounts multiple factors. Rating Score Score of 37%

The database that we would like to present will help you learn as much as you can about the drugstore that you are considering to become a customer of. We have a wide array of tools enabling us to gather as much factual information about pharmacies as you would like to have.

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Pharmacy has been given a low reliability rating by other websites.


Average score: 80 / 100 based on 13 reviews.


Average score: 11 / 100 based on 22 reviews.


Average score: 98 / 100 based on 50 reviews.


Average score: 3 / 100 based on 31 reviews.


Average score: 46 / 100 based on 50 reviews.

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Feel free to contact us and tell the word what you think about services provided by the drugstores that you had to deal with.

We encourage our customers to leave their feedback about online drugstores that they had shopping experience with. This is how our service is created – we accumulate as much information about online drugstores out there as we can, and then share it with you. We systemize the data that we retrieve from our submitters, we check it and based on it rank online drugstores as legitimate, rogue, unapproved or unverified.

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